FREESTYLE - Wrist Drag

Jun 4, 2003
FREESTYLE - Wrist Drag

Wrist Drag adds a new dimension to the familiar Fingertip Drag.



Wrist Drag teaches you to have a relaxed arm and high elbow position during the recovery in freestyle. It also helps you work on balance, rotation, the timing of your stroke, and a clean hand entry.


1. Start by flutter-kicking on your side, with one arm extended above your head, and the other arm resting on your hip. Eyes are focused on the BOTTOM of the pool.

2. Keep the lead arm extended as you drag the other hand through the water. Drag not just the fingertips, but also your ENTIRE HAND, buried up to the wrist. You want to feel resistance on the back of your hand as you slowly PUSH your hand forward. Keep your arm relaxed and your elbow high.

3. When your hand reaches your ear, you�ll feel it starting to slip forward into the water, and your body rolling to the other side. As your body begins to rotate, your lead hand will begin to pull. This starts to show you what a clean hand entry feels like, and what front-quadrant timing feels like. Stay long and horizontal (balanced) as you drag your hand through the water. Switch one hand for other ONLY AFTER the recovering hand reaches your ear.

4. Rotate all the way to your back in order to get a long, relaxed breath. This is done to allow time for analysis on what just happened. What did you feel? What do you need to change? Was your hand deep enough during the recovery to really feel the resistance, and the release?

When you feel comfortable doing the drill, try if for two or more strokes. Then you can also throw it into your stroke every once in a while to remind you of the clean entry, and the high elbow position, which are so important for many swimmers.

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