Go Swim App Features - Swimming Pics

Jul 26, 2011
Go Swim App Features - Swimming Pics

Just in case there are still a few of you who aren't using the GoSwim App, here is just one of the features in the app.

Being able to quickly pull up images that you can keep in your mind while swimming is always a good thing.  Having many of them in the palm of your hand where you can get to them even at the pool... is better.

Divided into stroke sections, you'll be able to access content with just a couple touches.  Look for the specific image that means the most to you, study it in all it's crisp clarity, then hop in the water and practice (leave your phone on deck if it's not in a water proof case... you'll only make that mistake once).

Enjoy, and more to come.

Download the iPhone app here

Download the Android app here

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