Go Swim Combat Sidestroke with Don Walsh

Dec 28, 2007
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Go Swim Combat Sidestroke with Don Walsh

In GO SWIM COMBAT SIDESTROKE, Don Walsh shares his 7-step learning sequence for mastering Combat Side Stroke and for passing the Physical Screening Test (PST).

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Everything on this video - every drill and every move - is designed to help you gain valuable seconds, even minutes, on your 500-yard swim test. You'll learn how to have the most efficient profile in the water, how to do an effective scissor kick, how to glide effortlessly between strokes, and how to do a proper turn and streamline. Each move is illustrated from multiple angles, and from above and below the surface. Slow-motion and freeze-frame footage allows you to zoom in on key moves and really see how to do them.

DON WALSH received the Distinguished Service Medal for his three tours of duty in Vietnam. While in Vietnam, he served as crew chief on KC-135A tanker aircraft, whose job was to refuel B-52 bombers and F-4C fighters in-flight over Vietnam. An avid open-water swimmer for more than 4 decades, Don has completed the 12.5-mile swim around the island of Key West, and has twice completed the Manhattan Island Marathon, a 28.5-mile swimming race around Manhattan. In 2006, he completed a 41.5-mile swim around the Isle of Jersey. For the past 7 years, he has swum at least once a month, every month, in the ocean near his home in New Jersey. Since 2001, he has volunteered his time to teach Combat Side Stroke to hundreds of SEAL recruits, with great success.


Praise for Don Walsh and his technique for teaching CSS:

"Everything that Walsh teaches as far as swimming CSS is right-on! His method is easier to understand over the new DVD at BUDS. In a 1.5-mile ocean swim, Jamie Waters and I took first place. We smoked everyone!" -- Zach Campbell, BUDS Class 264

"For those looking to excel at BUDS training, this DVD in the key to your success. I know this to be true because I have been successfully mentoring SEAL candidates for over 13 years and have the track record to prove it: a 70% success rate at BUDS with 68 out of 96 candidates graduating to become SEAL operators. Don Walsh has been affiliated with my program since 2001 and has had a major impact on our success rate. Don is the master of the CSS technique. He and his DVD have my highest recommendation for those wanting to master the swim techniques that are vital to succeed in the quest to become a US Navy SEAL." -- Captain Drew Bisset, USN SEAL (Ret), Chairman, SEAL RDAC

"What makes Don's CSS program so effective is his clear, concise, simple progressions that produce dramatic results instantly, without fins, flotation, or other aids that often mask bad technique or form. Don's results speak for themselves." --Bill Atkinson, HTCM SEAL (Ret), NAVSPECWAR/NAVSPECOPS/AIR RESCUE Mentor

"I have been working with Captain Drew Bisset for 12 years, screen-testing and training SEAL candidates. Don Walsh has showed me his technique and exercises for teaching the CSS. This has greatly improved my teaching and helps the candidates swim much faster with less exhaustion. Thanks again to Don Walsh for all he has done to help our candidates pass the screen test." --Ben Panas, RDAC instructor and motivator

"As I watch Don Walsh work with young Navy SEAL candidates, I realize what a valuable contribution he would have made had he been available 60+ years ago. If our Underwater Demolition Teams in World War II and the Korean War had been taught his CSS technique, we would have been able to swim faster and more efficiently, and would have had reduced casualties as we swam in to the islands prior to our invading them. Today's SEAL candidates are most fortunate having Don provide them with his expertise and guidance." --Barry McCabe, WWII Frogman and RDAC staff member

Running Time: Approximately 38 minutes

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