Go Swim Dryland Exercises Volume #1

Dec 15, 2007
Go Swim Dryland Exercises Volume #1

If the buzz on our discussion board is any indication, DRYLAND is a hot topic these days for swimmers and coaches. In response to your website comments and email queries, Go Swim has created a new CD called Go Swim Dryland Exercises. Here's a great way to get yourself a set of six-pack abs....

Go Swim Dryland Exercises (Volume #1)
34 Core-Strength and Stretch-Cord Exercises for Swimmers of All Ages
Featuring: Dave Denniston, 1999 NCAA Champion and member of the 2003 World Championship Team
CD format

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Go Swim Dryland Exercises is a computer disc (CD) that opens on either a PC or Mac as an easy-to-use PDF file. It contains clear visuals and step-by-step instructions for 19 core-strength exercises and 15 stretch-cord exercises.

For each exercise, we provide


two photos to show you the proper "start" and "stop" points. For each exercise, we also provide a video clip that shows the proper "form" for each exercise. The video clips are viewable with either Quicktime Player, or Windows Media Player. Here are the links to both of the most current players:

 FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader 6

 Apple Computer's FREE Quicktime Player.

The Go Swim Dryland Exercises CD is ideal for coaches who want to design a station-oriented dryland program. At the click of a button, each exercise can be viewed on a single page, with large, easily visible, high-resolution photos and text. These pages can be printed, laminated, and posted on the wall to create "stations" for swimmers. This allows coaches to design their own program, and enables them to monitor and help individual swimmers rather than have to instruct the entire group.

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