Go Swim Summer Camp '05: Bison Go Swim II

Jan 7, 2005
Go Swim Summer Camp '05: Bison Go Swim II

We are pleased to announce that we will return to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, and the beautiful facilities of Bucknell University for our 2005 Go Swim summer camps. That� right � CAMPS. Since the accommodations were so nice, the pool was so clear, and the food a step below gourmet, we have decided to add a bonus week for 2005. The dates for the camps will be:

June 19-23 (same week as last year)
June 26-30

If you attended one of our 2004 summer camps, you�ll be happy to know that the same coaches who made for a great learning experience and an overall fun time will be back in 2005, along with some new coaches to keep things interesting and challenging.


If you are attending for the first time in 2005, you�ll find that our camps are staffed with professional coaches � dedicated individuals who coach for a living and not just as a hobby. Our staff includes college, age-group, and Masters coaches, as well as a Masters National Champion and an Olympian. With at least one coach for every 8 swimmers, you can be sure there will always be qualified eyes watching and knowledgeable minds giving feedback. And�we have ordered plenty more temporary tattoos so that coaches can reward swimmers when they see them doing something right!

At the end of each camp you will be able to swim in a meet, to try out all the things that you have learned. At our non-traditional awards ceremony, you�ll receive a Go Swim T-shirt (and maybe another tattoo!) to remember the week.


Your learning experience doesn�t stop when the camp ends. To help you continue to improve, we will provide each swimmer with a personalized DVD -- a visual reminder of all you�ve learned. You will also have access to anyone on the Go Swim staff year round � just contact us through the website discussion board, e-mail, or by phone. We always look forward to hearing from campers.

The pricing for 2005 will be the same as for 2004. If you are within commuting distance of Bucknell, the cost is $425 for the week. This includes tuition, lunch, and use of the facilities. The price for sleepover/residential campers will be $595. This includes tuition, dormitory lodging, three meals per day, and use of the facilities.

Go Swim summer camps are open to swimmers age 10 to 18. Please keep in mind that these are not learn-to-swim camps. You should have basic proficiency in all four strokes before the start of camp. If your child is under age 10 and REALLY wants to attend camp, please call us first so that we can discuss whether a Go Swim camp would be appropriate for your swimmer. Any camper under the age of ten must be a day-camper only, and must have a parent in the stands at all times. This is campus policy at Bucknell, and makes sense to us, too.

To reserve your space, please register and send a deposit for week 1, or week 2. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Judson.

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