Go Swim Twitter News - April 1, 2013

Apr 1, 2013
Go Swim Twitter News - April 1, 2013

Just a reminder... 1:48 200 breast and Michigan wins 12th NCAA Title - WHAT a WEEKEND! 

QUOTE of the Day - NCAAs over - sport rewritten - what do you do now? - “Tomorrow’s victory is today’s practice.”―Chris Bradford

Kevin Cordes Blasts 200 Breast NCAA, American Record With 1:48 | Still amazed! @SwimmingWorld @KwCordes - http://bit.ly/11b7yAR

Vid of the Day - @mistyhyman - Butterfly - Send It Forward - http://bit.ly/11bbm55

Grassroots Watch: 22 NAG Record fall in March - Great time to be a swimmer @USA_Swimming http://bit.ly/10scejg

Michael Phelps vs Steve Aoki Sol Republic PREVIEW - Looks like @MichaelPhelps is having fun - Very cool @SwimUtopia - http://bit.ly/11b9iKl

Olympic Swimmer Lia Neal Dives in at the Bed-Stuy YMCA - Beautiful stuff @LiaNeal - Makes me smile to watch! - http://bit.ly/10scRJJ

Backstroke - Shoulder Pop - GoSwim! - http://bit.ly/11bb4LI

Records shattered as Michigan wins 12th NCAA National Championship - Congrats again @MikeBottom @umichswimdive - http://bit.ly/10scZZA

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