Go Swim Twitter News - March 18, 2013

Mar 18, 2013
Go Swim Twitter News - March 18, 2013

Long week in Florida, but back inspired by great swimmers and coaches

QUOTE of the Day - Luck has nothing to do with it - “Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” â€• Emerson

Dynamo Swim Club Raises Awareness for Leukemia in Honor of Sick Teammate | @DynamoSwimClub @erin_pfleger - http://bit.ly/106Urjx

Julia Wilkinson Blazed Trail for Current Texas A&M Success | @SwimmingWorld - http://bit.ly/106OzXv

Vid of the Day - Breaststroke - Arm Action - @Shanteau http://bit.ly/106SDqO

Friends Central Latest to Add Endless Pools - Very cool. Missed this last week @collegeswimming - http://bit.ly/ZUvWUr

Touch the Wall - I want to see the film too @mikelgustafson @USA_Swimming @touchthewall - http://bit.ly/ZUkOH7

Lessons from Legends: Mike Burton and Rick DeMont, Performance Greatness - Excellent @USA_Swimming - http://bit.ly/106Q201

The Responsibility of Leading the Lane - GoSwim! - http://bit.ly/QyWRk6

Swimming for Todd Jackson | @swimmersdaily - http://bit.ly/106QGe4

Swim 1000 | Very nicely done film of a 1,000 mile swim @swimmersdaily - http://bit.ly/106RRKw

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