Go Swim Twitter News - March 26, 2013

Mar 26, 2013
Go Swim Twitter News - March 26, 2013

Men's NCAA Predictions & some good friends featured on USA Swimming!

QUOTE of the Day - When you watch NCAAs this week, remember - “Champions are built on a thousand invisible mornings.” ― Kirk Cousins

Men's NCAA Predictions: The Meet on Paper | Will be so interesting to see how it pans out @SwimmingWorld - http://bit.ly/10f4DEv

The Labor Pool: Bobby Savulich - Yeah! Way cool @BobbySavulich @mikelgustafson @USA_Swimming @FINISswim - http://bit.ly/10JD1tD

Vid of the Day 1 - @BobbySavulich - Freestyle - Shoulder Driven - http://bit.ly/10f9cyM

Catching Up with Kaitlin Sandeno - Such an amazing athlete / person! @KaitlinSandeno @USA_Swimming - http://bit.ly/10JDuw2

Vid of the Day 2 - @KaitlinSandeno - Butterfly - http://bit.ly/10f9Ax4

Veteran Paralympian inspires student athletes - Complaining about morning workout? How 'bout some perspective? - http://bit.ly/10f60Dd

Entry Rituals - GoSwim! - http://bit.ly/10JLVaH

Russian organizers stockpile snow over fears of high temperatures next year - Now THAT'S planning! - http://nydn.us/10f6t8x

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