Go Swim Twitter News - March 27, 2013

Mar 27, 2013
Go Swim Twitter News - March 27, 2013

Wishing our friend Glen Christiansen a speedy recovery 

QUOTE of the Day - “A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed.”―Henrik Ibsen - Or... "talk is cheap"

FINA to Discuss Rule Allowing Multiple Dolphins on Breaststroke Start - Placate cheaters rather than enforce rules - http://bit.ly/10OFTpb

Vid of the Day - @AmandaRayBeard - Streamline! - http://bit.ly/10hOPRy

20 Question Tuesday: Megan Romano - http://bit.ly/10OGveq

Swedish swim guru Glen Christiansen recovering from near-fatal blackout injury - Great friend, get better FAST Glen - http://bit.ly/10OH0Fj

Rio de Janeiro closes venue to be used in 2016 Olympics - Discovered trouble early... it'll be fixed - http://usat.ly/10OHF9L

Written 6 years ago, and new tech coming soon to make this a daily reality - Who's Watching Me? @FINISswim -  http://bit.ly/10OKUhx

10 Reasons to Start Swimming Now! - How many more can you list? - Learning commitment - Goal accomplishment - etc - http://bit.ly/10hOBtu

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