Go Swim Video Rentals - New Titles Added

May 8, 2010
Go Swim Video Rentals - New Titles Added

Through our partnership with YouTube, GoSwim.tv is pleased to announce the introduction of premium video rentals.

We're in the process of uploading full videos to YouTube, so step by step and video by video over the next month of so, we'll be adding to this list.  Here are the titles available today:

Go Swim Triathlon Skills with Sara McLarty

Go Swim with Mirrors, Tools, and Toys featuring Steve Haufler

Go Swim Freestyle with Jason Lezak

Go Swim Backstroke with Margaret Hoelzer

Go Swim Breaststroke with Dave Denniston

Go Swim Positioning Techniques for Teaching Swimming featuring Steve Haufler

Go Swim Butterfly with Misty Hyman

Go Swim Combat Side Stroke with Don Walsh - submitted for approval

Give us feedback on how we're doing with this, and suggest which videos you'd like to see added to this list sooner rather than later.  Click here to send an email about this subject.

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