GoSwim Deckshots

Nov 19, 2014
GoSwim Deckshots

The GoSwim platform allows you to share our videos with your swimmers BEFORE practice (or after, depending on the timing), and now, with Deckshots, you’ll be able to share videos of YOUR swimmers with them safely, securely, and quickly.

Our vision of a “Deckshot”, is a video filmed by the coach from deck during practice.  These short videos help illustrate to the swimmer the exact technique, or problem point (or positive point) that they need to see.

Coach’s have been using many varying devices to accomplish this, and after filming thousands of videos, we feel we’ve come up with a very smooth system.  It’s a quick three step method that allows you to use one device to film and share to the swimmer.  The swimmer will receive a notification telling them that they have a video waiting, and potentially, can be watching what they did in that practice, on their way home from that practice.

It only takes 10-15 seconds of video to get your point across, and the speed of showing and sharing will allow you to give more feedback, more consistently to all your swimmers.

The frequency of feedback is as important as what’s covered in that feedback.  We all know as coaches, that when a swimmer sees themselves, they can better fix trouble spots.  With our forthcoming app, you can see how quickly you’ll be able to SHOOT – SHOW – SHARE, and get back to coaching.

Check out these short videos that show the functionality of the app, and for those who want to give that extra piece of feedback, how to use the app with Coach’s Eye.

Deckshots App
Deckshots App combined with Coach’s Eye

The app is being submitted to the iTunes Store now, and we’ll start immediately on the Android version.

Until that’s completed, all Training Groups will have the Deckshots functionality turned on in their Schedule page.  To start sharing today, simply grab video from your camera, or phone (using Image Capture software), and drag the videos onto the Deckshots page.  Assign the video to the athlete, and the platform will do the rest.

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