GoSwimTV.com Affiliate Program

Mar 9, 2012
GoSwimTV.com Affiliate Program

For all our friends who are coaches, teachers, triathletes, swimmers, bloggers, or pentathletes...and anyone else who wants to earn a bit of cash...we've created the GoSwimTV.com Affiliiate Program.

If you've always wanted to create extra income, while directing people to high-quality swimming content and instruction, then this program is for you.  

Sign up, grab a banner or text link, paste it on your site... and that's it.  Every time someone from your site subscribes to our site, you'll earn income. Every time they renew their subscription, you'll earn income.  Even if they never come back to your site, if you've initially referred the customer, and they continue to subscribe to our service, you earn income.  Every time we get paid by one of your referrals, you get paid.

There is no simpler way for you to earn money.  There's no inventory for you to create...no warehouse to manage...no tech support or customer service that you have to supply.    All you need to do is send us subscribers and we'll do the heavy lifting, including posting new videos to the service every week.

Come on in, and if you have any questions, please contact glenn@goswim.tv.

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