GoSwimTV.com Site Tour

Oct 11, 2012
GoSwimTV.com Site Tour

Here's a quick site tour of what's inside the new website, located at www.goswimtv.com

Come on in and join us.  All of our premium DVDs in one place, viewable on computer, smart phone or tablet.  Anywhere, anytime.  With more than 1000 fully produced chapters of video, plus hundreds of drills, and now, specialized slow motion "mini-clips" featuring the most beautiful technique of some of the greatest swimmers, GoSwimTV.com is your source for the absolute best in swimming imagery and education.

You can subscribe to gain access to ALL of our DVDs for the low price of $9.99 / month, or $99.99 / year.  This results in just pennies per day to get 24/7/365 access to constantly updated content, and beautiful swimmers.

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