GoSwimTV Releases New Responsive Site

Jan 22, 2013
GoSwimTV Releases New Responsive Site

Go Swim will be offering many new services and upgrades in 2013, and today we announce the first: Go Swim's subscription site www.goswimtv.com has been upgraded to a fully responsive site.    If you're not sure what that means, trust us...it's good news.

Go Swim's friends and subscribers are located in every nook of the planet.  In order to best serve everyone, and their viewing preferences (computer vs smartphone vs tablet), we've completely re-designed and re-coded our premium website so that it plays seamlessly on every type and size of device.   

"Responsive" means that no matter what device you're using to view our subscription site, the site will recognize the dynamics of your device, and reconfigure how it's presented to you.  We've taken out distractions when your screen is smaller, and made the video a more featured object.

While the look of the website is what you'll notice, for us, a new build was important so that we can accomodate new features that will be rolling out throughout the year.  We've listened to your requests, and are building the best possible website for swimming education.

Check out the various screen shots below, and jump on in to check it out for yourself.  Compare how Go Swim's subscription site looks on your computer, smartphone, and tablet.  No matter how you look at it...no matter where you coach...GoSwimTV.com brings you thousands of high-quality HD videos, Olympic swimmers, and hundreds of drills, fully searchable... all for just pennies per day.

www.goswimtv.com - Videos to Inspire, Educate and Make You a Better Swimmer

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