Greetings from the UK!

May 4, 2004
Greetings from the UK!

Hi Barb, and anyone else from the CCB team that reads this. Just checking in from my vacation in Britain.So far I've managed to keep up the frequency of my swims, if not the intensity or the volume! I went to the practices page to check on the latest workouts, but the reality of it is that I am not confident about doing single lengths of anything - it makes me feel like a wimp When swimming on my own! So I have been 200m repeats of freestyle with drills or other strokes in between. No toys either - I didn't bring my fins and I haven't been able to find a sports store to buy a pull buoy either. I think the idea of 'recreationl swimmers' (in the pool I've been going to at home a lane is set up as two lane widths and the most often used stroke is relaxed constant head up breast stroke) using equipment is frowned upon here. Tonight while I swam I watched the local underwater hockey team praticing in the pool - it looks like a good workout! I don't think the CCBA has the right sort of pool for us to play though, which is a shame. Seems to be a new funwat to do a lung buster!The biggest shock has been the length of the pool - 25 METERS - up until now all my swimming hs been done in a 25 yard pool!! Although Barbara warned me about it I didn't believe her until my head popped up looking for the end of the lane a good 2 or 3 yards too early! But Barbara also said it would be good for me and I feel much better now that I am somewhat used to it. Next step is when I go up to Edinburgh and get a chance to swim in a 50m pool!ok - I think that's all the swimming news I have from this side of the pond. Hope everyone is well in the Upper Valley.See you next week,Nick

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