Happy Holidays from Go Swim

Nov 24, 2004
Happy Holidays from Go Swim

We�ve had a great year, and want to thank all of you for your support.

Our gift to you is a Go Swim music video that we hope will inspire and motivate you to GO SWIM. It features swimmers whose videos we produced this year � and swimmers whose videos we will produce by the end of 2004 and in early 2005. Please download whichever version works best on your computer, and play it at HIGH VOLUME! We�re supplying Quicktime, Windows Media, and a Flash file for previewing the video (click the standard video link above)

Quicktime small. 11 megs
Windows Media small. 12 megs

We�re very excited to be working with the new swimmers whom you�ll see on this special video. You�ll see by the lineup that we�ll soon be able to provide you with a complete library on ALL four strokes (plus IM).

Our next two DVDs will be:
Go Swim Breaststroke Drills with Staciana Stitts and Dave Denniston
Go Swim Breaststroke with Amanda Beard

What! More breaststroke? Well, you can never have enough breaststroke DVDs, especially when they feature such superstars as NCAA Champion Dave Denniston, Relay Gold Medalist Staciana Stitts, and Gold-Silver-and-Bronze Medalist Amanda Beard. Their technique is SUPERB, and you will be mesmerized when you see them from every angle, above and below the surface, in slo-mo and at race pace.

These two new videos, combined with Go Swim Breaststroke with Dave Denniston and Go Swim Breaststroke Turns & Pullouts, present the most comprehensive breaststroke teaching package � ever! We�ll be offering a special �package price� for all four DVDs, plus a special offer on the two NEW DVDs for those of you who already have the first ones.

These two new breaststroke DVDs will be available for pre-ordering on Friday, November 26th. This is the official FIRST DAY of holiday shopping, so please make us your FIRST STOP when purchasing gifts for your favorite swimmer!

Here are the target dates for other upcoming DVDs:

Go Swim All Strokes with Kaitlin Sandeno and Erik Vendt � February 2005
Two of the best all-around swimmers in the world (Kaitlin and Erik are 2004 Olympic Silver Medalists in the 400 IM) demonstrate specific focal points in each stroke.

Go Swim Freestyle with Scott Tucker � March 2005
Scott has won both Gold and Silver medals as a member of the 1996, and 2000 US 400 Freestyle Relay. He uses a straight-arm recovery in freestyle, and this video will become the model for those who want to teach � or experiment with � this quickly growing technique.

Go Swim IM with Kevin Clements � April 2005
Kevin Clements, US National Champion in the 400 IM, and a sub 2:00 200 Imer, will showcase his race strategy, as well as his lightning-fast transition turns. Kevin� DVD will give you and your swimmers a �plan� for learning how to better swim a 200 IM.

We�ve got EVEN MORE DVDs in the works for 2005, and your freestyle fix is CERTAINLY going to be taken care of!

In the meantime, enjoy this video!

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