Happy New Year

Dec 28, 2010
Happy New Year

This is basically a short video thanks and hopefully, a positive message to get young swimmers to really focus in the next year.

For masters swimmers, we actually have plenty of time to make corrections and improve our swimming.  For young swimmers, time is running out, time is fleeting much faster than at any other point in your life.  You have deadlines that can't be avoided... you WILL graduate from High School, you WILL age up to the next group, and eventually, your competitive life will come to an end.  I know this varies for everyone, and the competitive aspect simply takes on another role in our lives.  However, for the majority of kids who compete, NOW is the time.

Don't look at practices and workouts as something to dread... you'll only realize from experience, it will be the time in your life where you can MOST focus on training and competing.  

Take advantage of it now.

Happy New Year everyone, and spread the word about Go Swim... we certainly appreciate it.

PS - As stated in the video... I'm not planning on making facetime a habit... so don't worry. :)

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