Hard Pace Breaststroke

Mar 17, 2008
Hard Pace Breaststroke

• 600 standard W-U

• 8 x 100 on 1:30 - 3rd length of each 100 is IM order (50 fr-25 fly-25 fr / 50 fr-25 bk-25 fr ... etc)

Breaststroke pace set.  Plenty of rest, but the goal times for the 3rd 125 within each descend set should be very tough.

• 12 x 125 on 2:15
#1 is 50 free, 25 breast, 50 free
#2 is 25 free, 75 breast, 25 free
#3 is 125 breast
The swimmer needs to descend the times even though the first two have freestyle in them.  The 3rd 125 needed to be under 1:25 for males, and 1:30 for females.

• 8 x 50 on 1:00
IM order on the cord.  As fast as possible and with the swimmer UP by the flags on the way back.  Can't let the cord drag the swimmer back the entire way.

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