Headstrong Posture Trainer

Oct 30, 2013
Headstrong Posture Trainer

Through simplicity comes a great tool to help our swimmers to think about their head position.

In a pool full or swimmers, it's tough to give everyone the personal attention they need, but it's great when you can use a little tool that gives those speicific swimmers that need that extra help.

Strap the Headstrong Posture Trainer to your swimmer's head, and send them on their way.  The constant tap on their back, their shoulders, will help them understand the additional movement of their head, and the positioning of their head during training.

Initially, they'll be bothered by the device.  It's a new feeling, and something that pokes them in the back if they lift the head into the turns, or turn their head too independently to take a breath.  When they become more used to having it there, they learn to how smooth out their movements, hold the head in a better position, and work with the device.

This is a great stabilizing device for many swimmers, and is best used when following a breathing pattern of something longer than every stroke.  Breathing 3-4-5 or more allows the swimmers time to understand how they're rotating, how high or low the head is.

The device should be set at various points on the head for different swimmers.  Some will wear it higher on the back of the head, while others lower, all depending on the position of the head that's correct for THAT specific swimmer.

It's a great little tool that serves as a tremendous reminder for those swimmers who are having trouble finding the correct head position for their freestyle.

Subscribers to www.goswimtv.com can purchase these at a 20% discount, saving $4.00 per device.  

Learn more, and purchase the Headstrong Posture Trainer here.

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