Help My Niece Make Me Swim Farther

Jun 7, 2011
Help My Niece Make Me Swim Farther

My niece, MaryTaylor, has raised enough money to head north for the Greenwich, CT Swim Across America, but she needs your help to make me work harder.

Today, MaryTaylor has raised enough to swim the 1.5 mile swim, but she wants to push her Uncle Glenn to the 3 mile swim.  For that, she needs to raise more money.

Here's your chance to make me swim.  I've promised her that I'll swim with her (if I can keep up), for whatever distance she raises enough money to qualify for.

Please visit MaryTaylor's Swim Across America page, and help support my favorite cause, curing cancer.  The swim is on June 25th, so please hurry.

For those interested... if MaryTaylor can raise $5,000... we'll be swimming a 5-mile swim.  So now it really just comes down to how far you want me to have to swim.  ;)  Don't be shy.

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