Here It Is! The New!

May 13, 2004
Here It Is!  The New!

It's taken two months of behind-the-scenes work, but our new website is now functional, and will soon be filled with ALL of our past content (yes, even the video clips), as well as new material for this week.

Over the next few weeks, you'll be able to search for past articles, discussions, videos -- pretty much ANYTHING we've ever had on our website. This is a major step forward for us -- and a major benefit for our web visitors, who have been asking us how they can view all of our past articles and video clips. In the past, we had so much video on the site that we ran out of bandwidth and had to remove all but the most recent clips and articles. Not so any more. Now, with the new server and new technology, we can keep everything available on the site -- all the time. We also remain committed to publishing a new Drill of the Week every week, as well as at least one new swimming-related article. Oh yes, and there will also be the practices, the products, the videos, and the active discussion board. We don't want you to get bored!

We also want your involvement on the site, because it's your thoughts and comments and questions and desires that guide what we do. In order to give you a better voice, we've restructured the entire website to make it easier for us to publish information...and for you to interact with us. For example, if you click one of the videos in our "Products" department, you can now read what others have said about the video...or post your own comments. Hey, we're just like the Big Guys at and barnes&! This new website allows us to post in much less time, giving us more time to spend in the pool, and to finish our many projects.

Because of all these changes, we ask you to please be patient while we fill the site with past articles, info, and video clips. There's a TON of content to organize and enter.

Here are some of the new features and how to use them:

Welcome...: You'll notice at the top of your screen either a Log-in, or a Welcome message. If you see "Welcome your name," you're IN, and will be able to add posts directly to the new articles and on the discussion board. If you see "Log-in," AND you have been to our discussion board in the past, click "Log-in," use your old password, and you're IN. If you have not ever been to our discussion board, Go Here!, and register for the website. By registering, you can get involved in the site, and you can tell us whether to turn ON or OFF the weekly e-mail announcement.

Products: You'll find a more comrehensive description page for each of our products. You can read reviews from other swimmers and coaches, and can post your own reviews and comments.

Discussions: Coaches and swimmers from all over the world visit our discussion board. With the new site, you'll be able to search through all the old threads...or start a new discussion. If you ask a question, you never know who might answer it. We welcome different voices and ideas.

Drill of the Week: Yep, the coolest feature on the web (sure... we're biased). We're updating all the old drills, plus adding new ones every week. Now, however, you'll be able to access ALL the videos individually as well. Navigate to this page, and click on Just the videos, please and you'll be treated to the entire list of video clips. The order is random, based on when we post the Drill, but hey... they're FREE! Do some surfin'!

Go Swim with Us: Well, that's our wish at least. Watch this link for updates on our Camps, Clinics, and Lessons. Watch this part grow, and contact us to come and work with your team!

Articles: We'll be expanding the categories under this heading, so hang in there, it's still in the works.

Archives: You'll quickly find all the articles (not Drill of the Weeks) for the past three months, OR by clicking View Archives you get it ALL. The entire site is going to show up there, so surf, surf, surf!

Practices: This gives you access to the discussion board and encourages you to post your own practice, or read some of ours.

The rest is pretty self-explanatory except for the Search and RSS feeds. The search engine is tied to EVERYTHING on the site -- articles, Drill of the Weeks, name it. This allows you to find all the info on really any subject we've talked about. Use the Advanced search to fine tune your search. The RSS Feeds are for you ultra-techy types who like to get updates of the site automatically to an RSS reader, or to your cell phone. This sends clippets of articles to a reader, which then allows you to head back to the site if something really strikes your interest.

Recent Posts: On the right side of the page, you'll see Recent Posts. This is a quick way to see what's going on lately. This will highlight new topics on the discussion board, as well as new articles posted.

We really hope you enjoy the new site, and over the next month or so, we'll be taking down all the past info, and trying to redirect the discussion board to the new site. During this transition, if you encounter problems with the site, please let us know. There will, as always, be some growing pains, but we feel this is a HUGE step forward over the old site.

We hope you agree!

Man, this has been a lot of work... gee... I think it's time to... GO SWIM! Now we'll have some time!

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