How to Share with Your Training Group

Oct 2, 2013
How to Share with Your Training Group

Our first week of team sharing has been well accepted, but as with any new system, it takes a little time to learn how best to use it.

Here are a few quick ideas to help you use the system abetter:

1)  Athlete sign up - After you invite someone to joing a Training Group and that person goes to redeem the invitation and set up an account, make sure they enter the birthdate of the person accepting the invitation.  This MAY be different from the birthdate of the actual swimmer, i.e., it could be the parent's birthdate if the parent is accepting the invitation on behalf of their child.  If you need more information, please read the guidelines on COPPA.

2)  When to schedule your Training Group's FREE video - FREE videos are activated on Monday.  They are viewable by the athletes for the entire week, but are first available to the athletes on Monday.   Please note that, as a coach, if you want your swimmers to see a particular video on Monday, you must select that video on a day PRIOR to Monday (and schedule it for Monday).   Our system does not allow you to both select and schedule a video on the same day.  If you wait until Monday to select your Training Group's FREE video, it will be available to them on the FOLLOWING Monday.  

3)  How to see all the videos shared by my coach - Make sure you upgrade your subscription to a $2.99 / month account.  This will allow you to watch ALL the videos shared by the coach.  You will only be able to get this subscription level if you've been invited by a coach.

4)  How do I see EVERYTHING on the site - Upgrade your subscription to a $9.99 / month account.

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