[i]Brought to You by Go Swim[/i]

May 12, 2004
[i]Brought to You by Go Swim[/i]

Goal: Our purpose is to teach age-group swimmers how to be more effective in the water AND to help make their swimming fun and entertaining.

Instructors: Our instructors are MORE than just swim coaches. Our instructors are interactive and charismatic. A sense of humor is second nature to them. Our clinics are meant to entertain as much as they are to educate. For that reason, Dave Denniston, and Glenn Mills are the only ones running these clinics at this time.

Available Clinics:

Breaststroke Clinic: Slinkys, Waves, Orange Cones, and more encompass a fun new way to learn breaststroke that yourl swimmers will remember. Dave goes through the breaststroke basics as well as some fun new drills that will ensure your swimmers no longer go backwards in this tricky stroke.

Starts and Turns: Be ahead of the competition from the very beginning! Your swimmers will learn how to enter the water efficiently and quickly with both a regular start and relay take offs. "Roly-poly" turns will teach your athletes to get into and off the wall faster than anyone else. This unique sequence of drills will make your swimmers faster without having to swim.

Dryland: For the older athletes, Dave will demonstrate the intensity and focus involved in his circuit of dryland excercises. From physio balls and medicine balls to jump ropes and weights, this clinic will show your athletes how to get the most out of dryland training, and how to apply it to the water.

Freestyle: Clinics designed specifically with the triathlete in mind. Learn a simple, stepped approach to learning efficiency in freestyle. We can teach you the all the up-to-date techniques PLUS, teach you how to add SPEED to your next triathlon.

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