I Wrote a GoSwim.tv Drill of the Week

Feb 25, 2005
I Wrote a GoSwim.tv Drill of the Week
DOTW shirt art

At Go Swim, we love to get in the water and think up new drills. But no matter how hard we try, we�ll never be able to think up ALL of them. We KNOW there are many great drills out there, just waiting for a chance to be published and tried by swimmers all over the world. In fact, some of you have written to us with your favorite drills. So....

We are starting something that's not quite a contest, but more like an OPPORTUNITY. If you send us your favorite drill and it is published on the GoSwim.tv website, you'll get your name in the credits, a little free promo for your team, and, most important of all -- a chance to spruce up your T-shirt collection. We were thinking that, as swim coaches and swimmers, you probably don�t have enough T-shirts. Or perhaps it� time to bump your current formal-wear T-shirt to the status of lounge-wear T-shirt and replace it with something a little nicer. If your drill appears on our website, you will receive a really cool �I Wrote a GoSwim.tv DOTW� T-shirt.

What do you have to do? Just follow these easy steps:

1. Look through our DOTW archive to determine if a drill similar to yours has already been published.

2. Write your drill in the standard DOTW format:
Introduction (include your name, the name of your team, your city and state, and a brief introduction to the drill)
Why Do It
How To Do It (step by step)
How To Do It Really Well (the Fine Points) (step by step)

3. Send your drill to Judson@goswim.tv

4. Remember: A Drill of the Week doesn�t have to involve swimming. It can be about focus points, dryland, stretching, or how to use equipment. A DOTW should be unique, fun, or challenging.

GoSwim.tv will review your drill and inform you whether or not we will use it on the website. If we do, we'll send you a T-shirt.

NOTE (the fine print):
All decisions of the GoSwim.tv drill judges are final. All material published on the GoSwim.tv website becomes the property of Go Swim Productions, LLC, and is Copyright � Go Swim Productions, LLC. Material published on the GoSwim.tv website may also be archived as GoSwim.tv material and may be used in future DVDs or CDs published by Go Swim. Many drills are similar. Sending us a drill that we decide not to publish does not mean that Go Swim may not publish a similar drill (of its own creation or from another person) in the future.

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