Intro to Swimming - Back Float

Feb 10, 2015
Intro to Swimming - Back Float

On a recent trip to Alabama, I had the opportunity to stop by Birmingham Swim School.

This new school is run by a couple of my old teammates from Alabama, and it was very exciting to see what they’re doing.

I feel it’s so important for all young children to be swimming, and to be taught by knowledgable, experienced professionals.

Here we’re watching Hollan teach a young swimmer back float, one of the staples of learning body position.

These simple skills are SO important, and understanding how to float, and how your body works with the water is key to confidence in the water.

My advice to parents with young kids… find a swim school and get your kids working with professionals. If you’re in Birmingham, go visit my friends Mike and Bryan. Say Roll Tide for a special high five. War Eagles welcome too.

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