It's iAlive! Go Swim's iPhone App

Jan 7, 2010
It's iAlive! Go Swim's iPhone App

Announcing Go Swim's first iPhone App.  Take us to the pool with you... well, those of you who have an iPhone, or iPod Touch.  And the best news... it's FREE.

Here's a short description of what we've put in the app, with the goal of delivering information to swimmers and coaches where they need it, when they need it... at the pool.

What you'll find in the FREE Go Swim app:

1. The Home screen, or what you'll see when you first open the app.  This gives you quick access to any recent activity, or new media we've put in the app.  It's quick and clean with easy navigation buttons along the bottom of the app.  

2.  Click the "Recent Activity" link, and you'll be taken to a screen that gives Fan activity and Official activity.  This screen shows that we've just added many new photos to the app.

3.  The Photos page contains 4 dozen images... the best pics from our Pic of the Week archives.   These images are loosely organized in the same order you'd swim an IM.   STARTS... BUTTERFLY... BACKSTROKE... BREASTSTROKE... FREESTYLE... and TURNS.  You'll be able to save these images to your phone and use them as background images.  Or you can store the ones you like the most, so you'll be able to pull them up as needed to show your swimmers how to execute great technique.

4.   Videos.   This page contains videos available only in our app.   We apologize to those of you who don't have the app, but we wanted to create some special content for the app.   This will be a short selection of videos of upcoming releases, as well as some very specific technique video that you'll be able to show your swimmers at the pool, so they can get that "just right" image in their head while at the pool.  Many of these videos are shot in super-slow motion, so they look absolutely stunning on the iPhone and iPod Touch.  This will also be the place where we'll deliver the Drill of the Week... right to the palm of your hand.

5.  Fan Wall.  Post away!   You can write to us in this app, and you'll be able to find swimmers who live close to you geographically.  Think of this as a mobile discussion group, or just a place to say hello or talk about that breakthrough you just made while at the pool.

6.   More.  The app is loaded with so much content that it wouldn't fit on the bottom menu.  Click "More" to find a list of additional content.  

7.  News.  The first selection in the "More" menu is News.  The "official" news is culled from some of our favorite websites, such as USA Swimming, Swimming World, and a few of our favorite blogs.  This is also where you'll find postings that we'll send only to those of you who have the app.  Think of it as our little secret!  The next image shows our "official tweets."  The news and frequent posts we send to twitter will be directed right to your hand.  Daily news stories will cover swimming, swimmers, Olympics, Paralympics, triathletes, and general information that strikes our fancy. 

8.  YouTube Playlists.  Once you download the FREE GoSwim app, you'll be carrying more than 50 carefully selected GoSwim drills, organized by stroke to make it easy to find what you're looking for.  We'll be frequently updating these lists so you don't get too bored.  You know we've got enough drills and videos to keep things interesting.

9.  The Store.  Just in case you feel that need to purchase a DVD while you're at the pool, we've made it easy for you to access our shopping cart.  It's a simple interface, but it works... so BUY AWAY! 

10.  Mailing List.  You can sign up for our weekly mailing, or send feedback directly to us from virtually anywhere.

11)  Links.  Get to us, and some of our favorite web places from this page.

Another great feature is PUSH.  When we add something new and noteworthy to the app, rather than you having to continuously checking to see what's up, we'll send you a message so you can quickly get access to those secret "in app" prizes.

We hope you enjoy it, and if you download the app, and love it, please rate it in the iTunes store, and write a review.

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