June 11, 2013 Newsletter Links

Jun 11, 2013
June 11, 2013 Newsletter Links

Upside Down Breaststroke and Transition Turns

Drill of the Week
Breaststroke - Upside Down - Recovery Focus

Main Set Monday
Pace then Faster

Swimming Set of the Week - June 7, 2013
Working bilateral breathing this week.

Main Set Friday - Gotta GO FAST!
There won't be any point to this set if you don't SPRINT when you're asked to SPRINT.

Main Set Thursday - Tempo Trainer Combo 100s
This set works best if you have two Tempo Trainers, but one TT works just fine.

Crossover Turn (Backstroke-to-Breaststroke Transition Turn)

(for subscribers of www.goswimtv.com)

Can you execute one of the coolest and most challenging moves in swimming?  Check out how various world-class IMers do the crossover turn, then learn the turn with Steve Haufler's teaching progression.

Eric Shanteau
Crossover Learning Sequence
Backstroke to Breaststroke Turns

Kaitlin Sandeno and Erik Vendt
Back to Breast Transition Turn

Kevin Clements
Back to Breast Transitions

Karlyn Pipes
Seven Competitive Turns

Steve Haufler
Teaching Progression for Crossover Turn

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