Keep the Guesses coming

Jun 11, 2004
Keep the Guesses coming

As you can see from the growing list at the bottom of the page, some super sleuths have cracked my code. Apparently I made the clues too easy, or perhaps I haven�t done enough to protect my identity throughout the year.

If you think you have figured out my identiy, e-mail -- just like before. Please include your name, and what tipped you off. It has been interesting trying to figure out how I gave away my identity, and to whom.

This week� clue is a little harder because it's a regional clue, and is related to the people who have influenced me in the swimming world, my coaches.

I recently had a chance to talk with the coach who taught me how to swim. We have been friends since I started coaching, and she gave me my first USS coaching job at East Aurora Swim Team. When I first started coaching she told me that if someone had has asked her ten years ago if I would be coaching swimming, she would think they were crazy. After that I worked with her every summer while I was in college. She had enough confidence in my coaching ability to keep me as an employee for four years. She has been a huge influence on me as a swimmer and a coach.

My high school coach was also someone who kindled a passion for swimming. In fact, I was a high-school-only swimmer for the four years that I was in high school. He is one of the most genuinely kind and caring people I have ever met. In his thirty-plus years of coaching the EAHS Bombers, he has never lost a division title. The East Aurora pool is adorned with All-America banners, division-title banners, and state-record banners. As accomplished as he was, he always had time for the swimmers who weren�t state record holders and never would be -- people like me. The thing he did the best as a coach was motivate, and he could do this when swimmers needed it the most. He had an uncanny knack for knowing when you were struggling to get something done, and he would make you find the way to get it done. He would stand over your lane and tell you that this interval was going to be your fastest one yet. There was no way that any swimmer in the pool was going to let coach down, so you would swim your fastest then and there.

USS Coach: Cheryl Carpenter
High School Coach: Tom Farenholtz

The following are excluded from guessing: (Your name will appear on the list if you guess correctly.)
Any of my swimmers
My parents
Bob W.
Eric McClaren
Dave Klein
Michael Lee
Caroline Reyes
Matt Lopez
Mike Dailey
RWULL (I don�t have a name but I have a suspicion that this is Olde Rick)
Anyone who already knows my secret

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