Kids' Camp Dates

May 5, 2004
Kids' Camp Dates

WHERE: Lewisburg, PA - Bucknell University
WHEN: June 20 - 24 (Sunday through Thursday)
Day-Camp AND Sleepover - Ages 10 and over only at this camp.

WHERE: Cornwall, NY (New York Military Academy - same as last year) CAMP FULL 3/25/04
WHEN: June 28 - July 2 (Monday through Friday)
Day-Camp AND Sleepover - All ages, call the office for the really young swimmers.

WHERE: East Aurora High School East Aurora, NY 14052
WHEN: July 5 - 9 (Monday through Friday)
Day-Camp Only - All ages, call the office for the really young swimmers.

HOW DO I REGISTER? All registration will be online at Go Swim and registration is limited to the forty swimmers for the NY camps, and 60 swimmers in Pennsylvania (because of the size of the facility, and the multiple Coaches to be on staff). Click on the link connected to each camp to reserve your space today (You can choose to pay the full amount, or choose to make a $100 deposit to reserve your spot, we'll be in touch with timeline on finalizing the remaining balance).

Please download and fill out a medical release form. This needs to be returned to Go Swim prior to camp.

WHAT: The camp day begins at 7:45 am and pickup is at 5:30 pm each day. The Pennsylvania and Cornwall, NY camps will have lunch provided. At the Buffalo camp, the campers will be required to bring their own lunch and snacks.

WHO: We recommend that swimmers be at least 9 years of age, and be reasonably competent in all four strokes. (This is not a learn-to-swim camp!) Adults with basic proficiency in all four strokes are also welcome to participate. Parents of swimmers are welcome to watch from the bleacher area of the pool. If you have a swimmer younger than 9, we will consult with you on his or her "maturity" level. We don't like exclude interested and motivated swimmers; however, these are LONG days. We want to make sure the youngest ones can keep up.

TUITION:: Pennsylvania and Cornwall, NY camps are: $425 Day Camp / $595 Sleepover Camp

REFUND POLICY:: Once we have more information, we'll be posting refund dates. Based on the time you cancel your reservation, we may have already paid some fees, and these could be deducted from you refund.

MOTELS: We'll be listing convenient locations for our day camps soon.

EXTRAS: Each student will receive a T-shirt, a couple of Go Swim caps, a very cool Go Swim Tattoo, and a Camp DVD with their video and voiceover analysis.

At GO SWIM, we believe that in order to reach your full potential as a swimmer, you need great technique AND smart training. Most kids have access to good training. If they�re lucky enough to learn great technique, it� often hard to stick with it when it� time to train. What we do at GO SWIM is teach great technique AND explain how kids can maintain that technique when they go home to their regular coaches and teams. We help them understand how to integrate great strokes with hard training -- how to GO FAST once they�ve learned how to GO SWIM.

Our goal is to help campers learn �and own... the basics of good technique in each stroke. We do this by teaching the key focal points in each stroke � and we make it easy to REMEMBER and practice the key points. If the fundamental concepts of good technique are easy to remember and practice, kids will be able to apply them to whatever swim program they have at home.

Each day will include two swim sessions, from 2 to 3 hours in duration. We will teach technique in all four strokes, plus starts, turns, and pushoffs. We will also incorporate practice sets similar to those the swimmers will encounter when they return home � and explain how (and why) to hold on to technique when it� time to swim fast.

Each day MAY include at least one classroom session, where our goal is to motivate, inspire, and educate. We want to help our campers swim like champions and THINK like champions, both in the pool and in their daily lives. We say, �MAY include� simply because kids don't really like to spend their summer camp in a classroom. We feel we incorporate thinking and acting like a champion into everything we do. If we find we have, or need, to take time to review techniques that the campers are not quite grasping, we will take it.

Each day will include time for FUN, with supervised activities that help campers relax and get to know each other.

Our camp director is Glenn Mills, NCAA Champion and member of the 1980 US Olympic Swimming Team and 1982 World Championship Team. Glenn has 20+ years of coaching experience, and has directed hundreds of weekend workshops and dozens of week-long, technique-based summer camps for kids. He is an experienced motivational speaker, committed to helping swimmers reach their full potential. For the last seven years, he has helped create and produce numerous videos and books on swimming technique.

Also on staff is Barbara Hummel, a former national age-group record holder and veteran of two Olympic Trials. Barbara has 6+ years coaching experience, including dozens of weekend workshops and week-long kids� camps. She is head coach of a Masters swim team and assistant coach of a USS team in New Hampshire. As a USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach, she has directed two week-long triathlon camps. She has also helped to edit and produce videos and books on swimming technique.

This summer we are happy to announce several new coaches who will be working with us. At our Pennsylvania camp, we hope to have as many as 7 full-time coaches, making it possible to have multiple stations every day. We will be posting more information shortly. At our upstate New York camp, we plan to have at least 4 full-time coaches, and at the Buffalo camp we should have as many as 6 full-time coaches on staff. Why do we make the distinction that our staff is filled with "full-time coaches?� Because we feel that staffing our camps with talented, professional coaches who spend their lives coaching competitive swimmers is the best way ensure that your swimmer gets maximum benefit from a swim-camp experience. Our coaches are dedicated full-time to the sport, and will bring a rare combination of inspiration, knowledge, experience, and fun to our camps.

ALL CAMPERS WILL BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES by responsible coaches and adults. Our #1 rule is that no camper goes anywhere without adult supervision. We are parents ourselves, and understand how important it is to provide full-time supervision.

Once you register for camp, we will send a confirmation. As the camp date approaches, you will receive additional materials and information to help you get the most benefit from your week at GO SWIM. If you have additional questions, call 1-877-GOSWIM-1.

See you this summer!

Although the camps are open to swimmers of all ages, Go Swim reserves the right to determine if the space requirements can allow adults in the camps. If the camp director surmises that the camp has reached it's full point, swimmers aged 10-18 take first priority. Thank you.

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