Long Pace Set

Mar 20, 2008
Long Pace Set

As we get ready to start resting for a big meet in a couple weeks, we're finishing up pace and endurance work.  Switching from short-course yards, to long-course meters is daunting, so the taper is a bit different that just trying to go quick in yards.

This is only one set in a fairly long practice, but it is the main set of the day.

5 times through the following:
• 2 x 100 breast on 1:30 - the 100's have to swum at a predetermined pace.
• 200 free on 2:45
• 4 x 50 on 1:00 swum at 1/2 the 100 pace time.
• 200 free on 2:45

The predetermined times for the 100's breaststroke are:
Set 1 - 1:15
Set 2 - 1:12
Set 3 - 1:10
Set 4 - 1:08
Set 5 - 1:06

Again, very pleased with the practice as the specific swimmer decided the pace was too slow, and went faster than prescribed throughout the entire set.  While this wouldn't exactly be considered a goal pace for a race, the goal of the set is for the swimmer to KNOW the speed he/she is swimming.  While I don't mind that they go faster than the predetermined pace... so long as they SAY what they're going to go prior to swimming the 100, or 50. 

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