Main Set Friday - 75s

Feb 7, 2013
Main Set Friday - 75s

Working some double underwater pull breaststroke to help with those pullouts at the end of races.

Simple set that varies when you do the double underwater.  This little switch allows swimmers to experience what it's going to be like at the end of a 200 breaststroke when trying to hold that long, underwater pull.

Main Set (short course yards)
 - 10 x 75 - 1st length doulbe underwater pull breaststroke - 50 freestyle
 - 10 x 75 - 25 free - 2nd length double underwater pull breaststroke - 25 free
 - 10 x 75 - 50 free - 3rd length double underwater pull breaststroke

After the double underwater pull, swim breaststroke for the remainder of the 25

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