Main Set Friday - Fake 150s

Jun 21, 2013
Main Set Friday - Fake 150s

The kids team did a very challenging set last week of decreasing interval 100s, down to 1:00 / 100.  No reason not to let the masters into the fun.

With age comes wisdom, and possibly a bit of trickery.  We had a fun time with the following set, and got some serious work done in the process.  The goal was to make the interval, however, the understanding was that no matter who was in the pool, it wasn't going to be possible to way it was written... which is where the knowledge of age comes in.

Mid-pool turns are pretty tough, changing direction in the water while swimming fast means you have to swim back through the moving water you carried with you.  While this set may seem like just some fun... it's pretty tough.

Main Set (short course yards):
 - 10 x 150 on 1:30

Yes... that's right... 150s on 1:30.  The ONLY rule is that you have to touch the far wall on the 5th length.  That means, if you're not going to make the interval... improvise.  Turn where you need to (minimum half way) in order to make the set.  If that means the 1st 2 50s are really 2 mid pool 25s, that's what it means.

Enjoy, and do what you need to to make the set.  Then... after... you can tell people you were making 150s on 1:30.  Just don't tell them where you were turning.

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