Main Set Friday - Filming

Sep 28, 2012
Main Set Friday - Filming

Sometimes it's great to just take some time and dedicate a day to filming.

While it's not always the most efficient to film every swimmer in practice, so you'll have to decide based on the number of people, and what details you want to work on with them.  If you give the swimmers a goal, or goals for whatever you're going to film, you'll have more focus, and be able to get through many more people very quickly, as the evaluation goes quickly as well.

Equipped with an iPad, loaded with the Coach's Eye app, we had the following focus points for 1 x 25 for each swimmer.
 1 - The start - give a coupel quick pointers.
 2 - The streamline - very quick to analyze, was it good or not?
 3 - The breakout - did they create too much resistance, or did they kick too far and lose momentum?
 4 - The finish - below the gutter, fully extended?

While you grab one lane at a time, the rest of the group continued to repeat the following sequence:
 - 1 x 100 smooth
 - 1 x 50 choice - either stroke or build - repeat this until it's your turn to film.

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