Main Set Friday - Gotta GO FAST!

Jun 7, 2013
Main Set Friday - Gotta GO FAST!

There won't be any point to this set if you don't SPRINT when you're asked to SPRINT.

This can be a way too easy set if you're not completely selling out on the fast 25s.  The goal here is to create the largest variation in speed between the slow and smooth, and the FAST 25s.   If you're not sprinting like your life depends on it, then it's just another set.

Main Set (short course yards)
 - 100 swim smooth on 1:30
 - 25 FAST on :30
 - 75 swim smooth on 1:15
 - 25 FAST on :30
 - 50 swim smooth on :45
 - 25 FAST on :30
 - 25 swim smooth on :30
 - 25 FAST on :30
 - 50 easy on 2:00

Repeat 4 times through.

Again, all thought during the smooth swimming, is mental and physical preparation for the FAST 25s.  All focus and effort go there.

Just to be clear... I've also made sure to put BOLD and ALL CAPS on FAST each time I typed it.  Now when you read it, say FAST with gritted teeth and a scowl on your face.  It helps. :)

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