Main Set Friday - RESISTANCE

Dec 15, 2012
Main Set Friday - RESISTANCE

Some fun change-ups for a long course morning practice.

Preparing for Holiday training, we decided to switch things up a bit.  Using resistance adds extra stress and strength buliding opportunities for the swimmers.  It also teaches how to connect better to the front of the stroke.

Here are a couple examples of what we did.

Resistance 1:
1 x 1500 with pull buoy, paddles, band around ankles, and Drag Chute completely closed.  Long, slow, and a bit grueling, but once you get in to the flow, it's not so bad.

Resistance 2:
Have a few swimmers hold on to a stretch cord, then have another swimmer pull them all down.  The trailing swimmers can not kick, but can put a hand out to create a bit more resistance.  Switch off swimmers so everyone has a chance to play.  This may also be called "payback" if some of the swimmers make it really hard on the people who go before them.

Resistance 3:
Loop two cords together creating a "grudge belt".  Point the swimmers in opposite directions and say GO.  Whoever gets to the end first wins.  We used to do this short course, and it worked well.  Long course may have been a bit too much... but at least we all got a good laugh out of it... except for those doing it.  Not everything works everytime. :)

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