Main Set Friday - Sideways Pull Buoy

Oct 19, 2012
Main Set Friday - Sideways Pull Buoy

Here's another set based on an old drill... that we added a new twist to.

Getting just a bit creative with the practices at least allows our group in New York to really never know what's coming.  It's always nice surprising people with something new... even if they've already seen a video.

Today's set was based on Sideways Pull Buoy... check it out.

Main Set (short course yards):
 - 12 x 50 freestyle pull - use the pull buoy as you normally would on :45
 - 12 x 50 freestyle pull with the pull buoy turned sideways as indicated by the drill... held between the knees.  On :50
 - 12 x 50 swim on the :45 - everything should feel much better out front now.
 - 12 x 50 THE NEW TRICK - These are pull again, but now the pull buoy has to be held sideways between the ankels.

The NEW TRICK proved to be just a bit much for many of the swimmers, as it turned out to be tougher to just GET the buoy positioned there, than it was to do the drill.  See how you do with this.


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