Main Set Friday - SPEED!

Apr 19, 2013
Main Set Friday - SPEED!

While the main set sounds simple, it can be one of the toughest sets swimmers do.

This workout is very simple... when we say FAST, we mean FAST!  When we say smooth... relax and think about how you're going to swim FAST!

Main Set (short course yards):
•  10 x 25 dog dig head up freestyle
•  10 x 50 dog dig head down on the odd length (lift your head for air when necessary), and smooth freestyle on the way back
•  10 x 25 - 12-1/2 head up FAST!  The rest of the length smooth
•  200 smooth... and we mean REALLY smooth

Here comes the fun part - - - - 

•  10 x 50 on 1:15 -             AS      FAST       AS       YOU       CAN         GO!!!!!!!

Start out with everything you have, and see how long you can hold the same times.  Very very soon, you'll realize why we typically do this type of set with much more rest.  However, the beauty of an hour long practice, is that you simply don't have enough time to really get all the luxury you want, so go with it. ;)


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