Main Set Monday - February 7, 2011

Feb 7, 2011
Main Set Monday - February 7, 2011

Not a major main set this morning, mostly short sets with a lot of focus, which I like.

The set I'll write about isn't too tough, but when you're asked to perform skills during sets, it's extremely important you do what you're asked.  Coaches will build sets like this for reasons, and don't put undo stress on the intervals so that you can perform the skill part and do it right.  If you just go through the set without accomplishing the tasks required by the coach... then heck... these are easy yards and turn into mostly time spent in the water rather than time learning how to get faster.

Main Set - short course yards:

10 x 100
4 on 1:25
3 on 1:20
2 on 1:15
1 on 1:10 (this one should be fast)

The requirement of this set is that there are NO breaths taken between the flags and the wall.  This means you stop breathing as you get to the flags on the way IN to the turn, and  your push-off is at least past the flags on the way out.  This adds to your focus on the wall heading in, and focuses you on the streamling push OUT of the wall.

Good short set with 5 technique opportunities on each swim.  That's 50 good chances to learn in about 13 minutes.

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