Main Set Monday - Holding Stroke Count

Dec 4, 2012
Main Set Monday - Holding Stroke Count

34 swimmers in 4 lanes brings with it it's own challenges, and one is how to get a good workout without focusing on speed.

If there are so many swimmers in the lane, that a set has the lead swimmer catching the last swimmer on every swim, you'll have to change the focus, and demand something else from the group.

Stroke counting is a great option and makes for a very simple set with extra thought.

Main Set (short course yards)
 - This set is to be done 8 times through
 - 50 on :45
 - 75 on 1:05
 - 100 on 1:25

Count your strokes on each length, and as the set and the distance starts to increase, HOLD the same count through the entire set.  You'll more than likely have to start out a bit easier than you thought.  Have fun.

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