Main Set Monday - July 16 - Cross Training

Jul 16, 2012
Main Set Monday - July 16 - Cross Training

While there was much more to this practice, the fun part was the cross-training set at the end.

I've wanted to do this with the group for a while, but all of this type of training must come with caution and warnings to masters swimmers.  Many of us aren't as young as we used to be, so we have to listent to our bodies and don't be macho in this.  Taking your time, listening to your body, and staying within your limits is very important.

For my noon swimmers... here was our inspiration, and maybe something to come. :)

This set came with a couple goals: 
 1) Every lane was on the same interval.
 2) Every lane had something they needed to accomplish.
 3) The goals of each lane are "suggestions", and all that was required was that each swimmer stayed within their limits... or discovered new ones.

The set is very simple (short course yards):
 10 x 50 on 1:10

We have a very wide range of swim speeds, so each lane had a different goal, with the fastest two lanes understanding that the TWO MOST DIFFICULT things about swimming are -- 1) Getting in, and 2) Getting out.

With that in mind, here's the goal for each lane:
 - Lane 1 - make the interval.
 - Lane 2 - make the interval, but mix in as much alternate stroke (non-freestyle) as possible.
 - Lane 3 - climb out and dive back in on each 50.
 - Lane 4 - climb out, do 5 pushups, and dive back in on each 50.

This was the last set we did in practice, but from a coaching perspective... absolutely the most fun. :)

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