Main Set - Monday morning 09/20/10

Sep 20, 2010
Main Set - Monday morning 09/20/10

 Sorta fun this morning, but with still being tired from traveling over the weekend, this set was certainly challenging.

This is a swimming / strength building exercise in which you swim a certain number of lengths, and then perform a "pull-out", or lift yourself out of the water on the wall to full extension of the arms, and then back down underwater.  some people call these "lift-outs" as well.

This is performed as a continuous swim.

Swim 1 length - Perform 1 pull out
Swim 2 lengths - Perform 2 pull outs
Swim 3 lengths - Perform 3 pull outs
Swim 4 lengths - Perform 4 pull outs
Swim 5 lengths - Perform 5 pull outs
Swim 6 lengths - Perform 6 pull outs
Swim 7 lengths - Perform 7 pull outs
Swim 8 lengths - Perform 8 pull outs
Swim 9 lengths - Perform 9 pull outs
Swim 10 lengths - Perform 10 pull outs
Swim 11 lengths - Perform 11 pull outs

When you add it all up, that's 66 lengths, or the swimming "mile".  Plus 66 pull outs.  Takes a bit longer than a straight 1650.  ;)

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