Main Set Monday - Sit Scull

Oct 1, 2012
Main Set Monday - Sit Scull

 Sure... it looks easy, but do it for a while, and you'll feel it in your forearms.

We wanted to have a little fun, and incorporate something completely different in practice, so we pulled out an old drill, Kick Board Sit.

This is a great set for a coach, as it's very easy to talk to people and help when they're heads are above water.  Enjoy, but after a little while, it does start to wear on the fingers and arms.

Main Set (short course yards):
 6 Sets of the following - 
 - 1 x 50 Kick Board Sit Scull - forward scull on the way down, backward on the way back.  In other words, you'll always be facing the wall at the other end.
 - 1 x 100 free - feel how your hands and forearms interact with the water.

That's it.  Enjoy

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