Main Set Monday - Tough Descend Set

Jul 9, 2012
Main Set Monday - Tough Descend Set

I put this workout into the top end category because to do it perfectly, you really need to know quite a bit about your stroke.

It's not that other swimmers won't be able to get something useful out of the set, to track stroke count, time, and the intensity toward the end of the set, is just a bit challenging.

Main Set (short courses yards)
 - 20 x 50 on :45
     Sounds pretty simple, but here's the catch.  This set is done in 4 sets of 5 x 50's.  The stroke count for each 50 should be the same through the entire set.  Don't allow yourself to fall in to the old trap of shortening the stroke to get more rate to go faster.... go faster by having better pushoffs, kicking harder, pulling with more accuracy.  When the set gets tough toward the end, grit your teeth and hang in there.
 - Set 1 = Descend 1 - 5
 - Set 2 = Descend 1 - 4, then hold #5 at the same stroke count and time as #4
 - Set 3 = Descend 1 - 3, then hold #4 & 5 at the same stroke count and time.
 - Set 4 = Descend 1 - 2, then hold #3, 4 & 5 at the same stroke count and time.

It's a very difficult short set if done correctly.  Enjoy.

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