Main Set Saturday - Faster Faster 100s

Dec 22, 2012
Main Set Saturday - Faster Faster 100s

Here's a long set that is as difficult, or as easy as you want to make it.  With an increasing interval, it's important to continue to push the performance envelope further and further.

Main Set (long course meters):
6 Sets of the following - 
 - 4 x 100 - the goal here is to get your average time for the four 100s
 - 200 drill, kick, or easy swimming for recovery

Each time you go through the set, the interval for the 100s gets :05 seconds slower.  However, the average time for the 4 x 100s should get faster.  As fatigue (or age) starts to set in, you'll need to demand more from yourself to continue to go faster.

Here is the picture of the board and an example of the intervals and goal 100s time.

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