Main Set Sunday - Water Polo & Fins

Dec 16, 2012
Main Set Sunday - Water Polo & Fins

Overloading the catch, and FAST swimming relays.

The kids were begging to play water polo, so to oblige them, we tossed them a few water polo balls and developed a fun set.  Then they wanted to do relays... so we obliged them again.  It's all about meeting each other half way sometimes.

Water polo drill:
4 x 100s water polo drill - long course 
Not as easy as it sounds... but they wanted it :)

Equipped up relays.
Fast relays using ANY equipment that's available on deck.  Put out an array of equipment, and like gladiators, watch the swimmers rush to grab the most useful tools quickly.  It's a way to get some very fast swimming out of them, while still allowing them to have fun.  It's also fun watching swimers go :50 of faster for long course 100s. :)

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