Main Set Thursday - High Elbows

Nov 29, 2012
Main Set Thursday - High Elbows

Watching Kara Lynn Joyce swim freestyle is always a joy.  Designing set to try to mimic one of her key points, is always a challenge.

Kara Lynn has amazingly high elbows when she swims freestyle, so looking at this as an option for swimming... the challenge was set.

If you want to see exactly what we're after, subscribers can see this short clip of Kara Lynn showing exactly what we're after.

If you're not a subscriber, imagine adapting this drill for freestyle.

First, all swimmers will have to be aware of "reverse circling" in order to accomplish this.  This means that for half the set, instead of circling down the right side of the lane, you'll circle down the left side.  This is a team effort for sure.

Main Set (short course yards):
 - 20 x 25 elbow hit freestyle
  - drill down, swim back
  - 1st 10 standard circle hitting the right elbow on the lane
  - 2nd 10 reverse circle hitting the left elbow on the lane

You'll quickly see how difficult this is, but when you swim, you'll be more aware of just how high the elbow can be during the initial catch.  Thanks Kara Lynn!

The image shows the team during the reverse circle.

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