Main Set Thursday - January 6, 2010

Jan 6, 2011
Main Set Thursday - January 6, 2010

Sometimes you just gotta do stuff like this.  No matter how tough.

Not that the set was overly long, the pace was constant and fast through the entire thing.  While maybe not fast for some... for THIS guy... it was a hammer set through the entire thing just to get the deserved :03 seconds rest between swims.  It's a simple set to write, but a very tough set to do.  The idea is that you're going to put yourself just at the interval in which you're in a panic state to make each one.  You're going to have to hit your turns just right, and vary the muscle groups you're using to swim so that you don't fatigue too quickly.  There's a lot of thought when you're right on that fine line of not making the interval... for nearly 30 minutes.

With that said... here's the set for long course:

10 x 200's on 2:40

Like I said, I'm sure very simple for some... but for a 49 year old breaststroker... NOT!

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