Main Set Tuesday - April 3, 2012

Apr 3, 2012
Main Set Tuesday - April 3, 2012

A little mix of technique and descending efforts.

In a way, this is a little like a meet warm-up.  You're getting time to think about various aspects of your stroke, plus getting yourself up to speed by the end of the set.

Main Set (short course yards):
 • 4 x 50 on :45 focus on alternating breath
 - 200 free - get your time

 • 4 x 50 on :45 - take 2 - 3 dolphin kicks off each wall
 - 200 free - go a bit faster than you did on the first one

 • 4 x 50 on :45 fingertip drag drill down - straight arm freestyle on the way back
 - 200 free - yep... go faster

 • 200 kick - think of this as cleansing your palet before you continue.

 • 4 x 50 on :45 - focus on a high elbow catch at the beginning of the pull
 - 200 free - did you think we were going to slow back down?  Nope... faster than the 3rd 200

 • 4 x 50 on :45 - Play with your head position, we call this "eyes up eyes down".  Over do how high and how low you hold your head, then bring it back to where it feels the most comfortable.
 - 200 free - should be getting pretty fast now... since this one is faster than the 4 you've already done

 • 4 x 50 on :45 - Anything you want... you can loaf backstroke if you want... cause you know what's coming next
 - 200 free as fast as you can.  

And the coach smiles with pride. :)

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