Main Set Tuesday - January 17, 2011

Jan 18, 2011
Main Set Tuesday - January 17, 2011

Man... this getting in shape stuff is for the birds.  Wasn't feeling it this morning, which means this was a day when I had to find something other than speed to keep me going.  

Good coaches will tell you that you can always get something out of any practice, and my coach took some pity on me this morning and granted me a bit of leeway in terms of intervals.

Main Set - Long course meters:
• 5 x 400 on 5:00... which turned into 5:15... which turned into 5:30.

On days when you just can't make the assigned intervals, it's important to just keep going.  Even if you're not making what you're supposed to, figure out what's going on with your stroke.  Everything may be right on track... except the energy level.  It happens.  Don't get discouraged, and just keep plugging away with some thought.

Ultimately, finishing WAS the victory, rather than just climbing out.

To top it off... while I was missing my intervals, I pressed the wrong button on my Swimsense watch and didn't even get credit for the set.  It was just one more thing that went wrong this morning... but that happens, too. :)

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