Main Set Tuesday - January 25, 2011

Jan 25, 2011
Main Set Tuesday - January 25, 2011

Oh man... talk about feeling your age.  If anything does it, it's hypoxic work.

The main set this morning certainly wasn't challenging if you just looked at the distance, or interval, or for the fact that you were allowed to use fins.  If it wasn't for that 1st 50 of each swim... it would have been a piece of cake.  I can honestly say... I didn't complete the set as described.

Main Set (long course meters)
• 8 x 200 on 3:00 with fins if you wanted
 - Here's the catch... 1st 50 underwater dolphin kick

Again... making the distance and interval were easy, but I did only make a single 50 underwater... and the kids in the lane actually clapped for me.  :)  Talk about feeling old.  

Hopefully next time... I'll make 2 of them... and then 3.  Step by step.

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